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“The big corporations and millionaires have lobbyists who make sure their voice is heard in Jefferson City.

I’ll make sure your voice is heard above all the noise and money.  I’ll never forget that

I work for you.”

Doug Beck

314-638-1846   @dougbeckmo92


I am especially tired, as you are, of the outside influence of a few mega-donors giving millions of dollars to state legislators to dictate policy, while Missouri’s middle-class and working families continue to struggle. We need legislators of good conscience who will put the needs of our children, senior citizens, veterans, the disabled, and working men and women ahead of favors and tax breaks for the wealthy.

I will be that legislator for the 92nd District. Further, I am proud to receive the endorsement of our current State Representative Genise Montecillo.

After learning more about my candidacy, please consider volunteering, requesting a yard sign, or making a small donation towards our effort. Please contact me if you have any questions. I would be honored to have your vote on Tuesday, November 8th.  Thank you!


Doug Beck

For State Representative

District 92 - Democrat

A Good Representative Works For The People!