It is my pleasure to serve the wonderful people of the 92nd District in the Missouri General Assembly. As your State Representative I have been an outspoken advocate for working families and the rights of workers, which others have sought to undermine. I have fought for our children and to reverse the drastic cuts being made to public education. In the votes I have cast, bills I have sponsored, and amendments I have offered, I’ve worked to represent the interests of seniors, veterans, the disabled, working people, children, teachers, firefighters, members of law enforcement, healthcare workers, and you.

051718-0917-1I am tired of the outside influence of a few mega-donors giving millions of dollars to public officials, and dark money to committees. They seek to dictate policy, to grant favors and big tax breaks for the wealthy, while Missouri’s middle-class and working families struggle. I will always put your interests ahead of special interests.

Please contact me if you have any questions or need my assistance. Also, please consider volunteering, requesting a yard sign, or making a small donation towards our campaign. I would be honored to have your vote for re-election.  Thank you!


Doug Beck

State Representative
District 92 – Democrat